Our Work

It wasn’t just capturing a video and editing a video. It was really a thoughtful and very strategic process of how to develop rich, multimedia content for us that we’re just absolutely delighted with.
Teresa Barber, IMS Consulting & Expert Services
I really felt like I could trust the team to present my business accurately and creatively... It’s rare to find someone who can be completely professional but also totally fun and goofy, and everybody at Vivid Bridge maintains that perfect balance.
Jennifer & Ryan Eaton, Big Jerk Soda
This is world class production, it really is. At Studer Community Institute, we are so community focused, and what we found working with Vivid Bridge is that they are too. They tell the story in a way that really no one else can.
Rachael Gillette, Studer Community Institute
United Way has a complex story across communities across the country and across the world. To be able to take all these abstract ideas and issues that need collaboration to solve, you put that in a vignette that makes sense, that’s digestible. And that is not easily done. That’s a huge testament to what Vivid Bridge is capable of.
Jonathon Potrzeba, United Way of West Florida
You have an absolute art for creating a video that truly captures who we are… I loved every moment of getting to know each and every one of you and being part of these productions. It’s honestly one of my favorite projects of the year… We are just blown away every year.
Dana Hall, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWFL
I felt like it was a good team, collaborative effort. It was helpful to be able to scale up and have a much larger production team that had specialized roles. Everybody did above and beyond what we expected. We were dealing with an accelerated timeline, everything went smoother than we possibly could have imagined.
Bart Rowell, Appleyard Agency
You just opened our community’s eyes to our message here at Big Brothers Big Sisters with the work you’ve done for us over these years
Paula Shell, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWFL
We’re just so proud of our partnership with Vivid Bridge. The first time I watched the video I cried. Then I watched it about 63 more times and I cried. Then I saw Vivid Bridge about a week later and I cried again as I was telling them “thank you.” It is such a beautiful video and it makes me so proud of the organization that I work for. People will not stop raving about how wonderful this video is.
Kelly Jasen, United Way of West Florida
It is truly an amazing experience to work with you guys and see these ideas come to life and these stories being told in such an impactful way.
Bella Costa, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWFL
Vivid Bridge was really effective at telling our story, which even we struggle with sometimes. That emotion, that power, and that potential really comes across in this video. They go above and beyond to meet and exceed any expectations you could ever have.
Kelly Jasen, United Way of West Florida
Your staff is so kind and welcoming. And they make you feel comfortable and do such an amazing job bringing it all together. You are truly truly a friend of Big Brothers Big Sisters.
Krissy Smith, Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWFL