Renewing Hope for First-Line Defenders

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Veteran-owned non-profit organization that provides first line defenders with the opportunity to heal both physical and mental wounds.

Behind the Scenes

Shields and Stripes

Giving hope to First-Line Defenders

Shields and Stripes is a veteran-owned non-profit organization that provides first-line defenders with the opportunity to heal both physical and mental wounds. They are founded on compassion and determination to protect our military, law enforcement, and firefighters so they can fulfill the responsibilities our society calls them to do. Shields and Stripes stand out with their approach to extending access to rehabilitation and performance methods through a multi-disciplinary approach that goes beyond conventional programs so first-line defenders can continue to live meaningful lives in the face of trauma. Shields and Stripes’ mission is to end the stigma around mental and physical preservation and ensure that our nation’s defenders are never left behind.

The challenge

Shields and Stripes approached us to produce videos demonstrating the treatments and programs they provide for first-line defenders. It was crucial to show how they stand apart from other options with limited availability or just fall short. Their goal was to connect with potential participants and donors on an emotional level through a series of videos for their website and social media platforms to build awareness and educate. To help break through the stigma associated with mental and physical health treatments, it was essential for these videos to feature real-life participants and Shields and Stripes team members sharing their journeys and the positive influence their program has provided.

Our Solutions


When we started working with Shields and Stripes, they were a newer non-profit organization that needed to build awareness about their program and attract potential donors to help them grow. We knew that the best way to connect with their target audience was through video content that would create an emotional connection with potential first-line defenders needing mental and physical treatments. Since a great deal of stigma is associated with treatment, it was crucial to incorporate real-life testimonials to showcase relatable, emotional stories that break through established perceptions and build trust with first-line defenders in need of treatment.


In order to create a safe interview environment for the video production, our team knew it was essential to conduct pre-inteviews with the selected treatment participants at the beginning of their program with Shields and Stripes through Zoom and phone calls. These calls allowed us to learn more about the first-line defenders' backstories, their initial impressions of the program and understand any potential emotional triggers to avoid during the on-camera interviews. These calls contributed to stronger interview questions and allowed us to start building trust with the program participants.


From the first conversation, it was clear how much pride each participant took in their service as a first-line responder. It was a calling, a duty, an identity. To honor their memories, we used physical photos to explore each participant's past. When they could no longer fulfill their responsibilities, many descended into darkness and felt lost. To illustrate this sensation, our team used the visual of moving from darkness into light to represent the hope Shields and Stripes provides through their programs. We saw this firsthand just from the night and day difference in how the participants were able to talk about their stories at the end of the program compared to the start.

Full Project Recap

Exceeding Expectations

Services Provided

  • Color Grading
  • Creative Strategy
  • Field Production
  • Motion Design
  • Post-Production
  • Production Design
  • Sound Mixing
  • Video Editing


Strategic development and narrative storytelling of interview-based videos to powerfully illustrate the passion and services the non-profit organization Shields and Stripes provides for first-line defenders.


  • 4x Personal Story videos
  • Company purpose video
  • Overview of Services video