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Consultative trial and expert services that deliver the best-aligned expert witnesses and consultants for all types of litigation and important matters.

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IMS Consulting & Expert Services

Industry leader for delivering tools that lawyers need to win cases

IMS Consulting & Expert Services partners with high-performing litigators to tell clear and persuasive stories and engage and educate jurors to achieve optimal outcomes. Through every stage of a case, IMS offers consulting, and expert services that deliver five essential tools lawyers need to win — a well-developed persuasion strategy, expert witnesses who clarify and persuade, rigorous research to test and validate persuasion strategy, powerful visual advocacy to engage and educate, and flawlessly-delivered courtroom presentations and technology. These elements are individually powerful. Combined, their power grows exponentially. IMS works together to become a valuable extension of a litigator’s team and position them to win.

The challenge

As a rapidly growing company, IMS Consulting & Expert Services fully rebranded to expand its service offerings to high-stakes litigators throughout the trial lifecycle. Considered an industry leader, they needed to clearly communicate what they do and how their services work together to help position their clients to win. Their primary metrics of success on this project were reducing market confusion and increasing revenue.

Our Solutions


After rebranding and expanding their service offerings, IMS saw an educational opportunity to help their target market develop a stronger understanding of not just what they offer but how their expertise would make the difference in the courtroom. With our existing partnership in mind, IMS approached us to bring their services from abstract to accessible.


The IMS process presents a sophisticated, holistic approach to winning when a case goes to trial - a new evolution of the IMS story following a major acquisition. They needed a video that demonstrated how they are unlike anyone else in the industry with their comprehensive services, translating their process into a more accessible format for their target audience. The logistics of COVID-19 and the complexity of the subject matter made it clear that an animated explainer video would be the best option for telling the IMS brand story behind their integrated services.


Motion design allowed us to illustrate concepts that are difficult to showcase through traditional video production. Using the left brain/right brain concept, our character design amplified the power of their recent acquisition to unify art and science as a winning strategy. Each scene, which shows IMS characters in left brain and right brain patterned clothing, emphasizes that you need both to win. Additionally, each service line was given a unique color within the new IMS brand palette and custom shape icons. The animated explainer video proved to be an invaluable tool for HR, the sales team, and marketing to help tell the brand story which will assist in lead generation and brand awareness.

Full Project Recap

Exceeding Expectations

Services Provided

  • Animation
  • Creative Strategy
  • Motion Design
  • Post-Production
  • Sound Mixing
  • Talent Casting
  • Video Editing


Strategic development and motion design of an animated explainer video to clearly communicate the service offerings of industry-leading partner to high-performing litigators, IMS Consulting & Expert Services.


  • Animated Explainer Video