You Belong at CCUFL

Our Work

Video content campaign elements for Central Credit Union of Florida featuring their members to fit their brand voice.

Behind the Scenes

Central Credit Union of Florida

You Belong.

Central Credit Union of Florida (CCUFL) has served the Pensacola and greater Northwest Florida community for more than 50 years. During that time, CCUFL has shown its members what a credit union truly is – people helping people. CCUFL has strived to be a community credit union by incorporating the membership and values of the credit unions that have come together to form Central Credit Union.

The challenge

Central Credit Union of Florida chose to work with Vivid Bridge Studios to create new Client (Member) Testimonial videos for social media, web and broadcast media campaigns throughout Northwest Florida. The end goal was a series of 10 videos to be released over a year to establish consistent messaging across key marketing platforms. These videos needed to reflect the brand’s recent evolution while speaking to the brand values and expectational member service. The series needed to feature active CCUFL members in an interview-style format to convey their stories’ emotional impact.

Our Solutions

Informed by Research

During the initial phase of the creative and strategy development, Vivid Bridge Studios collaborated with the marketing team at CCUFL to identify key themes and messages that would determine which members to feature in this series. Informed by the research during the Pre-Production process, Vivid Bridge Studios conducted pre-interviews with each member and developed a cohesive narrative to connect all of the stories into a unified thread.

Socially Distanced Production

The production team quickly went to task and shot the entire series of 10 video interviews in only two days while maintaining our COVID-19 Set Safety guidelines. A remote client producer even participated through a Zoom call to facilitate real-time interaction with the members to support a safe, socially distanced experience.

Successful Client Delivery

During the post-production stage, the member interviews were carefully reviewed, culled and crafted into a cohesive series of short videos ranging from 15 to 30 seconds. CCUFL also utilized Vivid Bridge’s online cloud-based video review and transfer tools to provide feedback at critical stages during the process, which helped expedite the timeline. The ten video deliverables underwent final sound design, enhanced color correction and motion graphic enhancements before delivery to the client.

Full Project Recap

Exceeding Expectations

Services Provided

  • Color Grading
  • Creative Strategy
  • Field Production
  • Motion Design
  • Post-Production
  • Production Design
  • Script to Screen Production
  • Sound Mixing
  • Video Editing


A local, 12-month video content campaign with Central Credit Union of Florida featuring their members as the on-camera talent. This series provided the client with digital content designed to fit their brand voice, allowing them to be dynamic yet cohesive in their marketing.


  • 2x :30 second videos
  • 8x :15 second videos