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Engage with virtual events in an entirely different way by stepping into the unique Degy World experience.

Behind the Scenes

Degy World: Virtual Event platform

A new reality.

Degy World is an immersive virtual event platform with 50+ spaces to host business, education, entertainment and event needs. Controlling their own personalized avatars, attendees interact fully within the virtual world, with voice-to-voice conversations and the ability to engage and explore Degy World’s many unique environments. It’s a new way to do business and bring people together.

The challenge

Degy World is expanding the universe of virtual events with its immersive platform. As a startup in rapid growth mode, Degy needed a unique way to capture virtual events, much like how events are captured in the real world, promote the incredible opportunities available within this new and exciting world.

Our Solutions

Setting the mood

Applying cinematic techniques that Vivid Bridge has honed through a unique approach to capturing events on video in the real world, the team’s cinematographers ventured into Degy World. Equipped with screen recording equipment, video-game style controllers, and of course, their personalized avatars, they explored activities happening in Degy's diverse event spaces.

Capturing virtual reality

The team captured moments of interaction within the environment, showcasing groups of people exploring the space together - a significant advantage to Degy's platform. Multi-cam interviews were also captured using Degy World's private rooms. Much like in the real world, visually appealing yet intimate locations were selected to enhance the feel of an in-person conversation. A narrative was also produced to accompany the event highlights using soundbytes.

Full Project Recap

Exceeding Expectations

Services Provided

  • Audio Mixing
  • Motion Design
  • Video Editing
  • Virtual Cinematography
  • Virtual Event Coverage


Two virtual events were captured that provided the complete Degy World virtual event attendance experience, including an open house and kickoff party. The Greek Life Open House event gave interested students a chance to engage with Illinois Tech's sororities and fraternities. In contrast, NSU Florida's annual schoolyear kickoff event, Sharkapalooza, featured live music, an expo floor and student mingling.


  • One 3-minute brand video