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From Expert Witness to Real Estate, Insurance to Personal Injury, we showcase what makes each of our Legal Services partners unique.

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A Strategic Approach Towards Legal Services

No Two Law Firms Are Alike.

To best serve each law firm and legal services client we partner with, we must dive deep into what makes them stand out from their competition, how their approach makes the difference for their clients in and out of the courtroom. Harnessing their passion for advocating in their chosen fields of expertise to build emotional and visual connections with their potential clients. We partner with each of our legal clients to set the stage that makes their target audience the hero of their videos and builds trust in times of vulnerability.

Our Solutions

Rolfes Henry

Rolfes Henry is a law firm that provides representation and assistance in litigation and claims investigation throughout the United States. Rolfes Henry sought out Vivid Bridge to produce a strategically positioned brand film to enhance the firm’s identity as a partner in service. Key messaging included their expansion from handling only insurance matters to broad-based services, their seamless yet highly individualized approach to their client experience, and their advantages as a small yet agile firm.

IMS Consulting and Expert Services

As a rapidly growing company, IMS Consulting & Expert Services fully rebranded to expand its service offerings to high-stakes litigators throughout the trial lifecycle. Considered an industry leader, they needed to clearly communicate what they do and how their services work together to help position their clients to win. We determined that an animated explainer video would best illustrate the legal concepts that are difficult to showcase through traditional video production. The animated explainer video proved to be an invaluable tool for HR, the sales team, and marketing to help tell the brand story, assisting lead generation and brand awareness.

Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon

Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon’s reputation was built on strong values and leadership in both the local and legal communities. Unified by their commitment to those values, each practice area team at ESC was given the opportunity to speak to the heart of what they do for their clients. In a practice area video series, Vivid Bridge captured the very human side of ESC’s attorneys to demonstrate how the team lives their values every day in service to their clients. The series also helped illustrate why someone should retain the firm to handle their matters by promoting the team-approach they take for getting the right answers, every time.

Moorhead Law Group

When you meet Steve Moorhead in the community, you’re instantly drawn in by his warm personality and kind smile. As a specialist in real estate law, Moorhead Law Group wanted to help their clients better understand the complex legal situations that can arise in real estate. Vivid Bridge developed an educational web series branded “The Moor You Know,” featuring Steve breaking down legal concepts into easy-to-digest short explanations. A staple on their website, “The Moor You Know” is a powerful tool for the firm to continuously explore and educate on vital legal concepts, building trust through their expertise.

Zarzaur Law, PA

Board Certification makes all the difference in the personal injury cases handled by Zarzaur Law. Known for his bold advocacy and hands-on approach to his cases, Joe Zarzaur ensures that files move along with expert efficiency to the proper conclusion. Vivid Bridge executed a concept that follows a file’s journey through Zarzaur Law, an action-driven focus on who is handling the case. The revelation that it is, indeed, Joe himself who handles all files gives his clients peace of mind that their matters will receive his full attention and expertise.

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  • Color Grading
  • Creative Strategy
  • Field Production
  • Motion Design
  • Post-Production
  • Production Design
  • Script to Screen Production
  • Sound Mixing
  • Talent Casting
  • Video Editing


Brand Films, Service Overviews, Animated Explainers, and Educational Marketing Videos are effective forms of Video Marketing to build trust with potential clients and compel them to engage with you.


  • Animated Explainer Video
  • Brand Story video
  • Overview of Services video