Redefining Catalyst

Our Work

Learn how Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate has revolutionized the industry and impacts the communities they serve.

Behind the Scenes

Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate

Creating spaces to heal.

Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate is a rapidly growing firm dedicated to better access to healthcare, quality outcomes and lasting relationships. Leveraging community partnerships and a vast understanding of healthcare providers’ needs, Catalyst HRE designs, builds, leases and manages state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Catalyst HRE embraces the entrepreneurial spirit to solve complex problems for the communities they serve, including an idea they believe will revolutionize the way people access their healthcare: placemaking.

The challenge

Catalyst is committed to improving each patients’ quality of life by delivering holistic health and wellness environments. Specifically, healthcare systems need to understand that Catalyst is different as a partnership-driven company that focuses on creating better healthcare access – not a cookie-cutter developer.

Catalyst also wanted community stakeholders to see their patient-first approach to placemaking as a benefit to the areas they serve. To communicate both messages strategically, Catalyst needed video content for use on their website and social media channels and in sales presentations that spoke strategically to both audiences.

Our Solutions

Content for every occasion

Vivid Bridge developed an awareness campaign that told Catalyst’s story throughout four branded videos. Each video was designed to inspire healthcare systems with Catalyst’s unique approach and deep understanding of the industry and needs specific to real estate. These videos also serve as dynamic communication tools on the client’s website and as part of sales and partnership opportunity presentations.

Brand Awareness & service offerings

The “Brand Awareness” video demonstrates how Catalyst differs from other real estate developers and why healthcare requires unique solutions that can only come from a strong and committed partnership. While the “Services” dives into a simplified overview of Catalyst’s services, which establishes the company as a committed partner during every phase of development, acquisition, strategy, leasing and management while promoting the team’s expertise.

The importance of “Placemaking”

The third video, entitled “Placemaking,” introduces a revolutionary concept in healthcare that brings to life the power of real estate in creating healthier communities.

Chad’s story

The final installment of the series, “Chad’s Story,” defines the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates Catalyst’s culture and ultimately shapes the vision for healthier communities. The content was also edited into social media sized videos to create a consistent message across digital delivery platforms.

Full Project Recap

Exceeding Expectations

Services Provided

  • Color Grading
  • Creative Strategy
  • Field Production
  • Motion Design
  • Post-Production
  • Production Design
  • Script to Screen Production
  • Sound Mixing
  • Video Editing


A brand awareness campaign featuring four introductory videos with four companion social media short videos. Interviews were conducted with the eight members of the client’s team, and b-roll footage was shot on location at their office in downtown Pensacola.


  • Brand Story video
  • Chad's Story video
  • Culture video (social short)
  • Development video (social short)
  • Overview of Services video
  • Placemaking video (social short)
  • Purpose video (social short)