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Vivid Bridge Studios attended the Communications Department Internship Fair at UWF recently in anticipation for the Summer and Fall semesters. As Education Director, I love having the opportunity to inspire students that are still figuring out what they want to do and provide insight about creating a solid path when it comes to pursuing a career in Video Production and Marketing. There is so much power in having a sense of direction and purpose in the formative years of college.

During the internship fair, we invited two of our current interns, Rachel Bozant and Olivia Rodriguez, to join us at our table to welcome prospective students and share their experiences with the Vivid Bridge Studios’ Internship Program. It can be a little intimidating for students to approach new people and businesses for the first time but I noticed a difference this semester and I have to give some credit to Rachel and Olivia. By having familiar faces, students felt more comfortable and were able to ask our interns specific questions related to the internship experience at Vivid Bridge Studios.

While talking to the students about our internship tracks, I was reminded about how important our internship program is and what inspired the program in the first place. Education for us is an opportunity to share knowledge and enrich the community while fostering curiosity and creativity. I felt so energized after connecting with future interns and Kim Stefansson, PR Coordinator for Escambia County Schools. Kim shared with me a little bit about the extracurricular workshops available to UWF students including those through FPRA (Florida Public Relations Association). Most recently, they held one called “Destination: Careers in PR” focused on how to make sure they are prepared for their career after graduation. Workshops like these are so powerful in the growth of students since they can spark inspiration for courses to focus on for upcoming semesters and foster curiosity for further extracurricular learning.

Overall, I felt that the internship fair was successful. I loved meeting up and coming students and learning more about their passions. Having our interns there to share their perspective was very beneficial to help create a comfortable and less intimidating environment. They provided a lot of information to students in their unique voice of experience of what the program has been for them. We are very excited about the enthusiasm we received at the  UWF Internship Fair and look forward to the Summer and Fall semesters. If you are looking for an internship in Video Production or Marketing or know a student who is, please send us an email with resume and portfolio to for more information and consideration for Summer and Fall 2019.

In preparation for the upcoming Internship Fair, our intern team spent a little time with Education Director Jon Deckert to learn more about the event. Here is a brief snippet from their sit down together:

What did you like most about the Internship Fair?

I like the most was seeing up and coming people that are still figuring out what they want to do and being able to inspire them and be able to provide them with instructions with what can be a good path because there can be a power in having a sense of direction and purpose

What was it like having current interns to help represent VBS?

I liked the most was being able to include 2 of our current interns at our table, because they were able to speak from their perspective of the program and not just me explaining what the program is about and for them to be able to share their student perspectives adds relatability to the others and make our table feel less intimidating

Did you learn anything while at the Internship Fair and if so what did you learn?

I learned a little bit more about some of the offerings and connections that the communications department has. FPRA I think it is important that there are extracurricular workshops available to students. It can help students grow that much faster since they are already taking so many classes. And I learned about it from Kim Stefansson (FPRA) workshops doing in collaboration with UWF.

How was your experience with the students interested in an internship?

It was energizing because telling students about what you have to offer helps me remember how important it is and what inspired me having an internship program in the first place. There’s something about explaining what you do that can inspire it in new ways.

Did you feel that the Internship Fair was successful?

It was successful having the interns there because of the perspective we brought and I would do that again in the future because no other tables did that. There was a lot of great interest in our internship program, we are still accepting resumes, excited about what the summer and fall semester will create.


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