How to save money on video storytelling marketing

For companies who are new to video marketing, we understand how daunting it can be. Video storytelling marketing is much more than merely shooting footage—it’s a highly-detailed process and it involves many moving parts. A project with this level of scale comes at a cost, and ultimately, that cost must translate to increased profits for the effort to be worthwhile for your business. At Vivid Bridge, your bottom line is our top priority and we’ll put our expertise to work for you in ways that will save you money and time.

Our secret to saving you money and time on video production

If you’re considering a corporate video, you’re likely already aware of the astounding potential investing in professional video production can have in generating product interest, employee retention and increased revenue.

Vivid Bridge is different from other video production providers because, in addition to helping our clients generate revenue from video, we specialize in creating even more value through strategic planning. This means that we’ll be maximizing your production while insuring we’re hitting your goals. Our above-and-beyond approach to production planning not only saves clients time and money; it ensures your business is uninterrupted by a video production crew and scales your production without adding cost.

The scope of your project matters

Whether you’re a business owner or in the marketing department, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to focus efforts on promoting a certain product or aspect of your business. While this may be true in some cases, we look for ways to produce a video piece with a larger narrative scope to ensure clients receive the most value for their investment. We produce these projects of larger scope while additionally creating a content library of footage for future video needs. By capturing an abundance of footage in one session, we avoid interrupting your day-to-day business operations for every future video. Scaling your project in this way also significantly shortens production timelines for future videos.