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Our interns at Vivid Bridge Studios worked hard on their capstone project this Spring. For their capstone project, they pitched and landed an opportunity to work as a team on a brand film for Joe Patti’s Seafood Market. It was their first time working together as a production team. For some of our interns, this project was also the first time they were on a production set. Over the course of this internship program, I have really enjoyed seeing the concept that the interns developed come together after all of the planning and learning. I am also proud of the finished video and think it is a strong piece that they can proudly have in their portfolios. 

Always Improving

After every production, as a company, it’s important for us to take time to sit down and talk about our strengths and weaknesses during the course of a project so we can learn about how we can improve as a team for the next production. In an effort to help our interns learn, we had a debrief meeting where we encouraged everyone to give feedback about what they thought went well and where the interns can grow. Some of the things we shared during the meeting were how the interns were successful with gear and client management. We were working in a busy and popular fish market and ultimately they were able to maintain a small footprint and keep morale high between the crew and Joe Patti’s team members.

Learning Opportunities

Loyal Customer of Joe Patti's Seafood Market

Rachel Bozant prepping loyal customer for interview

Overall, the interns were successful in capturing interviews and b-roll during the production days with Joe Patti’s. However, there were some learning opportunities along the way. There is an art to creating a production schedule. It is important to consider the amount of time needed for setup, breakdown and building in time for the unexpected.

Since it was one of their first productions, there were some issues with scheduling but I feel confident that they will improve with more experience. Having a properly timed schedule can be the difference in a shoot being successful and keeping morale high. I would also like to see them improve on referencing their pre-production documents such as lighting diagrams as well as building confidence asking follow up questions when conducting interviews. We recommend approaching an interview more like a conversation. It is good to nod during while you are giving an interview and incorporate follow up questions in order to help stories go deeper. Your talent will feel more relaxed and you will have stronger content as a result.

Environmental Factors

As for the environment, the interns did very well on their location scout. They all had to be aware of their surroundings during the location scout and production because there were a lot of factors to take into account. Joe Patti’s is a very fast moving environment, there are tight corners and spaces due to the high volume of customers, and since Joe Patti’s is a fish market we all had to look out for potential hazards such as water and ice on the floor.

I found it interesting hearing some of the history from Frank Patti’s perspective. He has so much knowledge and expertise in the fishing industry. Frank shared insight about how much the fishing industry has changed over the years. The fishing industry these days is more about building relationships and maintaining them rather than fishing itself. I also learned that Joe Patti’s uses a lot of ice.  So much ice that they have a dedicated room filled with ice up to the ceiling. For as much seafood as they sell each day, it is clear that freshness is a high priority for them.

Great Environment

Production Intern Cody Graffius and Post Production Intern Dustin Foster discussing next shots.

Joe Patti’s was overall really great to work with. The staff were so nice and accommodating! Going into the production, we knew that Joe Patti’s was a very successful and popular business in the Pensacola area. We prepared ourselves that they would be protective and skeptical of working with the interns. Thankfully, they were very welcoming and accommodating. The interns were welcome to film behind the counter and were given the creative freedom to film what was needed. Joe Patti’s was very hospitable. We felt right at home while on set. 

Closing thoughts

The spring semester was our second opportunity to help enrich the passion for commercial video production for local college students. I am humbled by the invitation to provide mentorship to the next generation. The opportunity to help fuel the inspiration spark for creating thought provoking video content. The chance to be intentional and develop media that not only entertains but evokes an emotion. I have really enjoyed seeing the process develop over the course of the Spring Semester. I am proud of the finished brand film that the interns put together. It is a strong piece that they can proudly have in their portfolios and will help them make advancements in their careers in commercial video production.

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