Video storytelling is what we do best. Here’s how it can help grow your business.

With attention spans continuing to dwindle, video grows in importance for businesses vying for attention among a sea of distractions. For thousands of years, humans have been captivated by good stories. Savvy marketers and business owners can capitalize on this innate fascination with following an intriguing storyline to its conclusion. Even in today’s busy world, we are usually willing to slow down for a few minutes to watch a compelling video that catches our attention and makes us ponder, “what’s going to happen next?”

Great Video Can Drive New Business

When it comes to video storytelling, our primary goal is always to drive a viewer response and increase your bottom line. Video storytelling, whether accomplished via traditional video or animation, can promote your brand, enhance your content marketing and become a major force in your overall business marketing strategy. It has a unique ability to connect to people on a personal level and set you apart from competitors since stories are always more memorable than traditional advertisements.

According to Forrester Research, the information retained from one minute of online video is equal to 1.8 million written words. This means video storytelling is an incredibly efficient way of getting your message across and ensures better ad recall. If you know what message you want to send but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into a story, Vivid Bridge is here to help.