create a schedule

From the start, Instagram has been a strong photo based social media platform but in more recent years it has expanded to include short form videos and content with a time limit in the form of Instagram Stories.  You need a plan in order to start building a following and increase engagement from followers. So how do you stand out and make the most of Instagram while boosting follower count and engagements? Here are 5 types to help you grow!


Tip #1: Create content that is authentic

Content is the most important part of any account be it videos, photos, or text based. Creative content is what can set you apart from others. Think about how you make your content standout: Show off your company culture, unique personalities, share knowledge to education your followers and most of all show authenticity. If you aren’t sure where to start, find Instagram accounts that you feel a connection with. What do they do that creates a connection? Adapt that connection as a foundation for your content. Once you have a foundation, build on it and make it your own.


Tip #2: Post consistently 

create a schedule

It is important to staying consistent with how often you post on Instagram! Develop a theme or style to help set expectations for the type of content that your followers can depend on. Once you have a theme, start planning out posts to upload on a schedule of your choosing. It is better to schedule fewer posts on a consistent schedule than setting a lofty goal of posting everyday and getting overwhelmed to the point that the schedule goes out the window. Start with an attainable number of two or three per week and then build off of that or better yet create a backlog of posts.


Tip #3: Experiment to see what works

When shooting and choosing content, try experimenting with different methods to see what speaks to your audience. Studies show that experimenting with texture, contrast, and vibrancy of color can all help generate more attention to your photos and videos. Consider reading up on the psychology of color to help create the mood and emotional response you are hoping from your followers. 


Tip #4: Give content room to breath by choosing the right package

QuotePhotoInstagram posts are commonly self contained with a single photo or video. This format works but your posts can be so much more! Make the most of the tools that are available to you by creating either a collage with Layout by Instagram or a slideshow of photos to tell even more of a story. and for some topics that makes sense but if you have a topic that can be shared over multiple posts then it is to the benefit of your followers. 


Tip #5: Incorporate relevant hashtags into your post. 

It is common to see a long list of hashtags at the end of an instagram post. It makes sense to have a lot of hashtags in theory. More hashtags, more comments and likes, right? Not necessarily. Lots of hashtags can result in likes and comments but are they engaging with your content or because you used those tags? Relevant hashtags that truly identify with your content is the better route to take.  You will increase your chances of engagement and create more qualified followers. Consider using a free app like Hashtag Expert For Instagram on iOS (Click here to go to AppStore listing) to help you find potential hashtags but be picky about the ones you choose! If you want to get technical, it’s recommended to use no more than 11 hashtags and monitoring the right ones to use can increase your organic reach.


Hope that these tips help you grow your reach and engagement with Instagram organically. Remember: post authentic content regularly, experiment, give your content room to breath, and use of relevant hashtags.

Let us know how these tips worked for you and if you have some of your own that you would like to share, feel free to send them our way!


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