Animated Explainer Marketing Videos | Vivid Bridge

Animated explainer videos can communicate to potential customers in ways you never thought were possible. If you’ve ever shared a video on your company’s social media accounts or embedded a video in a marketing email, you know how successful video can be in communicating quickly and effectively with your target audience. We all know that video marketing has been on the rise for several years, but now it’s more critical than ever to be incorporating video marketing into your overall marketing strategy. For businesses promoting complex services or products, or even companies who are looking for a competitive edge over standard video, animated marketing videos can help communicate to potential customers in ways that you never thought were possible.

A Multi-Platform Solution

Video is now on every platform and channel, and in addition to being an essential part of social media and search engine algorithms, video is simply the best tool out there to convert leads into sales. Explainer videos offer an entire suite of benefits that are impossible to achieve through standard video, and they provide a particular edge when it comes to explaining the specifics of a service, product or concept. These types of marketing videos are called explainer videos.