Event Videography

Vivid Bridge Studios provides Pensacola’s best event videography services.  From small corporate speaking engagements to multi-day conferences and conventions, event centers and business owners can rely on a simple, proven, and turn-key package to document your speakers’ presentations and guests’ experience for archive or distribution to a larger audience.

How are Vivid Bridge Studios’ archival event services different from your average Gulf Coast event videographer?  Our team has drawn on decades of combined experience from events across the east coast to be able to provide expert recommendations on what scale of team and equipment is necessary based on your event’s specific needs.  Locally we’ve partnered with clients including Entrecon, ITEN Wired, The Doolittle Institute, and others to provide event video packages and better understand the specific needs of event organizers and venues on the Gulf Coast.

Understanding Vivid Bridge Event Coverage

What does Vivid Bridge Studios’ optimal event coverage include?

  • A three camera equipment package with individual audio feeds for each of your speakers
  • Two camera operators, one audio engineer, and an assistant
  • Individual videos for each of your presenters/sessions complete from start to finish, cut between three angles
  • The support of a team of professionals managing your project from start to finish

How customizable are event coverage packages?

  • Extremely!  Our optimal package is perfect for mid-sized events with a single stage and up to three speakers per session
  • Depending on how large or small your event is we can make the package leaner or more robust to ensure we’re being budget conscious and able to guarantee the results you expect from our team

How does event coverage differ from a highlight or recap video?

  • Event coverage is about documenting the content of your event presentations from start to finish
  • Recap videos are several minutes long, filmed throughout all parts of your event to capture the essence and key moments to present during the closing of your event and distribute directly following the event
  • Highlight videos are shorter action-packed montages that capture the essence of the event with one or two key moments included, ideal for marketing future events in a series

Does Vivid Bridge offer comprehensive event coverage, recap, and highlight services simultaneously?

  • Of course!  We love the opportunity to tell a complete story and get your audience excited about it.
  • Contact us today and start a conversation about how we can do more than cover your event, we can elevate it.  Let’s do this.