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Tips for a Clean & Healthy Production Set

It’s safe to say the video production industry is hands-on. When hands are gripping production equipment, handling cameras, and moving hair out of the talent’s eyes,, personal bubbles may not apply when it comes to a good shot. Our team…

BBBS | 2020 Gala

Strong building blocks are the foundation of every vibrant community. Built on the pillars of mentorship, nurturing relationships, and long-lasting impact, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida is cemented in our community as a trusted defender of our children's potential.
Video production for United Way


United Way of Escambia County is celebrating 95 Years! They have expanded into Santa Rosa County, giving them a new name, United Way of West Florida!   United Way of West Florida is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that…
Podcast Panel Event

Principles of Podcasting Recap

The lunch and learn was a success and there were several key takeaways and the motivation and knowledge to take action amplified the excitement in the room!
Edu Director Interview

UWF Internship Fair Recap | Summer 2019

Vivid Bridge Studios attended the Communications Department Internship Fair at UWF recently in anticipation for the Summer and Fall semesters.
The Craft of Consistency, Vivid Bridge

Spring 2019 Workshop | Craft of Consistency Recap

    Here are a few key takeaways attendees shared from the Vivid Bridge Workshop | Craft of Consistency: Consistency is key! Document, don’t just create! <—Biggest takeaway! Know your target audience -…
The Craft of Consistency, Vivid Bridge

Video Marketing Matters & Here's Why

We live in a fast paced, 24/7 - 365, world of information today. If you own a business or hope to have your own one day, we encourage you to take the time to educate yourself on how to do it successfully, while keeping up with the quickness. Video…
Visit Pensacola, Vivid Bridge

The Pulse of A Company: VBS Edition

As a company, it is our mission to help our clients have a greater impact through holistic cinematic strategy. You may be wondering what it means to “have a greater impact through holistic cinematic strategy” - which is something we are…
The Importance of Education, Vivid Bridge

The Importance of Education

When Vivid Bridge Studios came together back in late 2017, we wanted to ensure that the company was built on a strong, purpose driven foundation. When thinking of the elements needed for the VBS vision to emulate the ultimate level of success,…
The Craft of Consistency, Vivid Bridge

The Craft of Consistency

Whether you are the next big star on YouTube, or you are a lead professional in your industry - It is highly likely that you are trying to communicate effective messages to your consumers. With the rise of the "Digital Age", video has become…