Repurposing Content

What Repurposing Content Means With Help From TikTok

What does repurposing content mean? Repurposing marketing content means taking one ad, graphic, or video and creating a new piece of marketing material out of it. That can mean taking inspiration from it and expanding upon it or it can mean…
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Tips for a Clean & Healthy Production Set

It’s safe to say the video production industry is hands-on. When hands are gripping production equipment, handling cameras, and moving hair out of the talent’s eyes, personal bubbles may not apply when it comes to a good shot. Our team has…
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Improve Revenue With Video

You’ve heard it again and again, “You need to be doing video!” What does that really mean? Let us address why you’re hearing successful people and companies shouting it from the rooftops. According to the latest 2019 Video Marketing…
Neat Video 5 - Video Thumbnail

Neat Video 5 | Launch Video

Neat Video 5 offers a way to clean up noisy clips while still retaining detail and clarity of the original footage. Neat Video is available as a plug-in for many popular video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere and DaVinci…
Podcast Panel Event

Principles of Podcasting Recap

The lunch and learn was a success and there were several key takeaways and the motivation and knowledge to take action amplified the excitement in the room!
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Spring Interns | Joe Patti's Seafood Market

Our interns at Vivid Bridge Studios worked hard on their capstone project this Spring. For their capstone project, they pitched and landed an opportunity to work as a team on a brand film for Joe Patti’s Seafood Market. It was their first…