You know how important corporate video is to your business. Whether you use video for advertising, training videos, or tutorials, it is an essential part of keeping current with today’s expectations of corporate communications. Video is now on every platform and channel, and in addition to being a necessary part of social media and search engine algorithms, video is simply the best tool out there to convert leads into sales. When considering what to look for in a corporate video production service, there are many elements of which you should be mindful.

Bootstrapping Frustrations

If you have ever tried bootstrapping your own video production, you know what we mean. Video production, when done without the support of experts like Vivid Bridge, can be among the most frustrating, time-consuming, and budget-draining activities. In your mind, you thought it would be as simple as turning your camera on, capturing your shot in a few takes and then spending an hour or two editing. What you likely realized is that there are many other considerations to plan for in order to get your video right on the first try—and to make it look professional.

Make a Roadmap

The first element of any corporate video production is planning. Before you discuss film dates, locations, or scripts, it is vital to come up with a plan and stick to it. For many business owners, market research should be the first big project to tackle. You would not want to produce an advertisement that is similar to that of one of your competitors, or worse—a lower quality one. For businesses needing to create internal videos, such as training videos, you need to agree on exactly what content to cover and the best way to communicate it.

Many corporate video production services are not equipped to assist clients in these fundamental aspects of video production. They may shoot amazing videos, but when it comes to strategic planning and conceptualization, you are on your own. Vivid Bridge is different in that we are with our clients from every step of the way. We are experts in corporate video strategy and can apply our tried-and-true strategies to help you uncover the best possible way to support your bottom line through corporate video production.

Putting all the Pieces Together

The next important aspect of corporate video production is planning the actual production itself—the script, on-screen talent, location, and timing. We know what issues to anticipate with each of these items and can execute production efficiently and correctly. The details surrounding video production can make the difference between your video looking professional or not. A skilled scriptwriter will concisely communicate your message; your location will set the tone; your on-screen talent will keep viewers’ attention; and all of these aspects will need to be pulled together at a time that allows for successful filming and the ability to stay on timeline, allowing for editing and any potential re-shooting.

Don’t Forget the Technical Expertise

An obvious aspect of corporate video production is the technical skill behind it all. Professional videographers, directors, lighting and sound technicians, art directors, motion designers, editors, and animators may all be needed depending on the scale of your production. These elements of corporate video production services are often overlooked but are essential to creating a high-quality video. Even if your film is simple and does not require any graphics, it can still be optimized through color correcting, lighting improvements, fixing white balance and creating visual coherence in balance and tone.

Experience the Vivid Bridge Difference

These are some of the basic elements of corporate video production elements to consider as you think about your next corporate video. What is most important is that your video strategy aligns with your overall marketing vision. You will sleep better at night knowing that the details are being taken care of by a full-service video production company like Vivid Bridge, and you will be exceedingly pleased with the result.

Vivid Bridge is a leading expert in providing corporate video production services. We look forward to using our holistic creative approach to develop a customized solution to grow your business through innovative video strategy. Now, let’s get to work on optimizing your business through professional corporate video!

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