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Part of the battle in landing the best platform to communicate your video communication needs is actually understanding the platforms themselves and the specific messaging they are most effective at delivering. It can be overwhelming, to say the least, looking at the big picture of Digital Marketing and trying to break it down step by step. Here at Vivid Bridge Studios, we like to take big chunks of the project and reverse engineer them to make more sense. Similar to breaking down video production and creative thinking, you can reverse engineer big chunks of the digital marketplace starting with one beast at a time.


Find what works for you by analyzing how other like-businesses use video on the same social platforms, and then place your messaging in the most effective place. It may seem complicated, or to pricey for the budget, BUT FRIENDS, the days of a single print ad, or a newspaper mountain built up on the floor of your grandmother’s garage are dwindling – (Not to mention a fire hazard). The days of limitless views, #hashtags & AdWords have taken a lead and are here to stay. Create a consistent flow and make sure that the brand aligns with the creative concept being delivering through the video. It is important to make it personal to the culture of the company in order to connect with the exact target market and deliver a message that creates an emblem of trust.   


We’ve pulled some ideas for our own marketing whiteboard sessions from this great article found on understanding the Facebook and Instagram video world & which is a better route for your content. Whether the videos are happening from your iPhone or high tech gear, developing a clear understanding of the quality and content needed to produce results on these platforms is crucial. If your brand is hoping to gain more awareness at an affordable cost, social media platforms are a great place to begin dabbling in the frequency of posts and the quality of video needed to gain recognition.

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