Vivid Bridge is the leading Emerald Coast resource for video production crew services.

If you’re a traveling operation planning to film in the Emerald Coast region or need a talented crew to pull off a project, Vivid Bridge can assemble a winning team scaled precisely to meet your needs. Our many years of experience in the production industry allow us access to the top production talent available in our region. From directors and DPs, down to grips and production assistants, our model provides a simple, single invoice solution to free you from managing the paperwork, scheduling and intense coordination involved with assembling and managing a video production crew.

Simplify your Video Production Process

When it comes to crew services, our goal is to provide the ultimate video production solution, and of course, to increase your bottom line. We apply our combination of industry knowledge and passion for service to make it easier for you to work with the best in the business, whenever you need them—even if it’s tomorrow. You’ll love working with our crew coordinators who are experienced veterans. Our team members are eager to simplify the video production process for you.

We can handle as little or as much as you need us to. Whether you only need a few outstanding crew references, or you need us to review demo reel, manage gear lists, audit working history and insurance coverage, and handle crew payments, we will ensure you have high-quality professionals working on your project. You can book these services a` la carte style or as a comprehensive project.