Espresso by Vivid Bridge

Vivid Espresso is the perfect package for companies who need an amazing video on a short timeline.

You’ve got a good idea of what you need your video to accomplish, and you need it to start working for you as soon as possible—you need Vivid Espresso. The Espresso package is a high-efficiency, streamlined video production process that cuts to the chase. It culminates in a beautiful video product that delivers the same caliber of work you’ve come to expect from Vivid Bridge Studios, with a scope that guarantees a 30-day turnaround and a flat-fee price.

Quick Delivery

Ideal for businesses who already understand their video needs, Vivid Espresso begins with a short client assessment to ensure we understand the project’s scope. After we determine the deliverables, our creative team will set plans into motion for the production of your video. Next, our production crews execute the plans we’ve worked quickly to develop, transforming your ideas into something real. Within 30 days, you will receive the finished product.

Vivid Espresso is an entirely different product compared to our video strategy packages. It is the most direct path we offer to the development of a creative, action-inspiring video. As always, your return on investment is our top priority. From the first day of the project, you can rest easy knowing you won’t be in for any surprises thanks to our flat-fee pricing model.

Vivid Espresso’s appeal is in its quick delivery. If a quick turnaround on a video is not your top priority and you are more interested in the development of an expert strategy behind a suite of videos, perhaps our other packages are a better fit. No matter what your needs are, Vivid Bridge can create a customized plan that will exceed your expectations and always result in improved outcomes through holistic, creative strategy.