Power of Video for Employee Onboarding

Postedin EducationonSeptember 10, 2021byJon Deckert

How Ready Are You To Bring New Hires Into Your Company?

It’s exciting to find yourself in a position to grow as an organization. Chances are, you are focused on the advantages of getting more work done, helping more clients, and generating new and exciting ideas with your new hires.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the onboarding experience you’re providing. 

Consider The Following

  • 65% of millennials, which represent ages 24-40, give high regard to organizational culture, which is higher than the baby boomers generation. (Glassdoor, 2020)
  • To achieve satisfaction, job seekers also look for constant and clear communication (58%), clear expectations (53%), and feedback about rejection (51%). (Glassdoor, 2020)
  • The #1 obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization. (CareerArc)

What Does It Take?

A robust onboarding process involves more than an orientation day, filling out the necessary paperwork, and reviewing the employee handbook. 

What is currently in place to ensure your new hires have a clear understanding of their role and how their responsibilities impact the vision for the company?


Today, people seek careers that provide meaning and purpose to their day-to-day, not just well-paying jobs. New employees care about what your plan is for them in the first year and beyond.

Is your onboarding process life-giving to your new hires? 

Does it set them up for success? 

Can you count on them still being with your company in six months? 

It’s hard not to feel discouraged when you read a stat like:

“Employees who have negative new hire onboarding experiences are twice as likely to look for new opportunities in the near future”

Tata Consultancy Services

With a robust onboarding process, you can improve your attrition rate and retain more new hires for longer.

Knowledge Transfer

There needs to be a transfer of knowledge. Your existing employees must share valuable knowledge with your new hires. Without intentional collecting and sharing employee knowledge, there’s a significant risk of it leaving with employees who transfer to another position, leave your organization, or retire.

What can you do? 

Build a formal knowledge management system of videos that distill employee know-how and make it accessible to your employees 24/7. Employees can explore the video library at their own pace and reference the videos later, as needed.

Increased Engagement

Studies show that engaged employees are 40% more productive. They are also more customer-focused and profitable to your organization. And… they’re less likely to leave.

How? Move beyond the superficial aspects of the job and teach new hires things vital to your organization’s performance. What are the intricacies of how departments work together to create a good customer experience?


You can use explainer videos to show your process in action, clearly defining how departments and people work together effectively. Training your employees on how to do their job and contribute to the organization will help them see the bigger picture and feel a greater sense of engagement and investment.

Consistency of Experience

The biggest challenge that onboarding programs face is a lack of clear role definitions and accountability. To set new hires up for success, they need to understand who is responsible for what in the process and the metrics for success. The sooner new hires understand your organization’s unwritten rules, the sooner you can reduce their risk of messing up or embarrassing themselves.

How? Take an honest look at your unwritten rules within your departments and leadership. Don’t be afraid of having candid conversations with your team, including newer people to the company. Find out what they wished they knew when starting their job.

Credit: Waste Management

Use realistic job preview videos to present an honest story of what it’s like working at your company to give your new hires the confidence to make an impact and feel gratified by their contributions to the organization.

Vivid Bridge Can Help

  • Protect your most significant investment, your people.
  • Multiply the number of touchpoints with your New Hires.
  • Increase the overall productivity and revenue for your organization.

How? All by incorporating video into your onboarding process.

Ready to take action?

Start a conversation with one of our video experts today to discover how incorporating video into your onboarding process can reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement within your organization.