What Repurposing Content Means With Help From TikTok

Postedin EducationonNovember 16, 2020byCheryl Murphy

What does repurposing content mean?

Repurposing marketing content means taking one ad, graphic, or video and creating a new piece of marketing material out of it. That can mean taking inspiration from it and expanding upon it or it can mean creating something new by rearranging or adapting for a new format.

For example, with the right planning and strategy, you could adapt a video into an audio based ad, shorter videos or teasers for the longer video, gif animations for social media, a blog post that expands upon the concepts of the video, and social media graphics based on key points from the video.

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What should you keep in mind when approaching repurposing content?

Authenticity and connection.

Some of the best marketing content comes from a place of authenticity and creating a connection with your audience. Give a voice to your audience through content they’ve created or through customer testimonials.

This is a great way to be both authentic and let your audience know “hey, we see you and value what you do!”

If you can make your audience feel good and repurpose the content they’ve created, it’s a win-win scenario. One company that has stood out in this mindset of marketing is TikTok.

Based on the ads we’ve seen so far from TikTok, there is a running theme. Each ad aims to show diversity, variety, community, and most importantly fun. Their current ad “Good Vibes” continues that path with its quirkiness that makes you feel good watching it.

The above video represents some of the best moments of a viral event that started with the guy in the middle. His video connected with other TikTok users to the point that it became trending with other users creating their own versions of the videos. Several members of Fleetwood Mac even joined in!

The guy in the middle is Nathan Apodaca who goes by 420Doggface208. His original video starts simple enough with him riding his skateboard while holding his phone in one and, as we soon learn, a bottle of cranberry juice in the other hand. His actions set to a soundtrack of “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac which he starts to lipsync along with.

What really sells the 15 second video ad are the facial expressions, the big bottle of cranberry juice, and song choice because “Dreams” works well with the vibe!

Enough describing the original video though, watch it for yourself below:

How can you incorporate some of what TikTok does into your own video content?

Collect content from your customers either through a challenge or a video testimonial. While getting good quality video and audio is ideal, the people are the important part. Whether it’s through their genuine words about your business or their dance moves they show off for your challenge, the content is most important for creating a memorable connection. Plus, allowing your customers to speak for you creates more social proof and trust than what comes from your team’s selling on its own.

What if you really want to get ahead of it?

Approach video content from a standpoint of repurposing from the start. Instead of creating a single video that’s self-contained, consider how you can provide an intro or overview video to gain interest but also open the door for additional videos and for opportunities to build off of video content with supporting graphics, audio content, and other additional marketing content.

Resist the feeling of one single video that says everything. Embrace content that expands and builds upon itself.

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