The Importance of Education, Vivid Bridge

The Importance of Education

When Vivid Bridge Studios came together back in late 2017, we wanted to ensure that the company was built on a strong, purpose driven foundation. When thinking of the elements needed for the VBS vision to emulate the ultimate level of success,…
The Craft of Consistency, Vivid Bridge

The Craft of Consistency

Whether you are the next big star on YouTube, or you are a lead professional in your industry - It is highly likely that you are trying to communicate effective messages to your consumers. With the rise of the "Digital Age", video has become…
Entrecon, Vivid Bridge

VBS | EntreCon 101

Once upon a time, a team of hungry entrepreneurs came together to join creative forces, and here we are today a little over a year later known as Vivid Bridge Studios. As much as we like to think we can give ourselves credit for making it to…
Where to Begin, Vivid Bridge

Where to begin? Facebook | Instagram

Part of the battle in landing the best platform to communicate your video communication needs is actually understanding the platforms themselves and the specific messaging they are most effective at delivering. It can be overwhelming, to say…
Happy Holidays, Vivid Bridge

Happy Holidays From Vivid Bridge Studios

Happy Holidays from Vivid Bridge Studios!
Happy Holidays, Vivid Bridge

Vivid Bridge to celebrate winning short film in Hollywood

“Bella Would,” a film produced for 48 Film Project by a team of local filmmakers was awarded recognition as a Top 16 Official Selection Winner and will be screened at the 48 Film Project awards at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles,…