When you approach marketing for your brand, how much time do you get caught up in thinking about budget, ROI,  and what your competitors are doing? It is a logical approach and it makes sense! Marketing can take a good deal of planning. We understand! You want to have a good deal of return on your investment. How much do you think about the emotional side when developing your marketing content? 

When we approach creating video marketing for clients, emotion is in the forefront. A blog we read from The Cut brought the importance of emotion to another level. In their blog, they introduce a neuroscientist named Antonio Damasio. Dr. Damasio tells a story in his book called Descartes’ Error about a patient whose life goes wrong after a brain tumor. He is able to have the tumor removed but isn’t quite the same afterwards. It renders him unable to feel emotion, only logic. He lost his job, marriage, and his drive for making decisions.

What is the big takeaway? If a person’s emotion is impaired, so is their ability to make a decision. This is because when we think about creating a course of action, we put ourselves in the shoes of our options and decide whether we have a “good” or “bad” feeling about it. The way that we feel isn’t the only deciding factor in making a decision but it is a shortcut for coming to a decision. Without the filter of emotion, your marketing efforts can be overwhelming and leave your audience feeling frustrated or unsure. So how do you want your audience to feel? Your return on investment dependents on it.

Check out the article from The Cut and learn more about Dr. Damasio’s research here: 



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