Vivid Lite

Vivid Lite offers script-to-screen commercial and corporate video production customized to meet your needs, goals and budget.

More than just video production, Vivid Lite is an ideal package for companies who know that they need to integrate video into their small business strategy and want to ensure that it will create a measurable and successful outcome.

This production cycle can be scaled to meet your specific needs and budget. Most importantly, by adding the Discovery and Debrief phases to the traditional production cycle, we’ll be able to better understand the goals of your project and develop a video that demands attention and inspires action.

Goal-Setting Process

We know video is an important investment for small businesses, so we work hard to get it right the first time. Vivid Lite’s goal-setting process combined with the creative expertise of our team allows for the effective development of a communication plan for the video. After the launch of your video, outcomes are measured. These extra steps in the production process set us apart and are in line with our commitment to offering a robust client experience featuring a tried-and-true success path.

Vivid Bridge Studios is more than just a video production company, and Vivid Lite is more than just a basic video production service. It is a strategic process that involves our partnership with you to make an amazing video that will measurably improve outcomes through holistic, creative strategy.