Vivid Bridge Milton

Vivid Bridge Milton is so much more than your basic video production company—we’re a team of creative marketers. We partner with clients to think through our messaging, strategize thoroughly and create amazing videos to support your vision and bottom line.

The Holistic Creative Process®

Putting your plans into action

We’ve developed a proven method for taking an inventory of our client’s needs to make sure we get videos right on the first try. Before the cameras roll, we deploy the Vivid Bridge Creative Process that allows us to intently listen to your goals for the project and understand what a successful outcome looks like to you.

After this initial discovery phase of the process, we put plans into action and produce a high-quality video that accurately and effectively conveys your message.

Full Spectrum Video Services

What we offer

Even though our favorite thing to do is walk our clients through every step from start to finish, we review from strategy development to finished product, we also specialize in providing post-production services to other production companies, independent producers, directors and cinematographers.


Developing a creative video takes more than hiring a videographer to show up with a camera. It’s about finding an extension of your company that will work with you to strategically develop a useful communication tool.

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Our post-production department is a self-contained engine that seamlessly handles motion graphics, creative editorial, color and audio through complete post-management.

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Strategic Digital Marketing

Our methodically developed innovative solutions go beyond output and help our clients truly make an impact. We want your investment in Vivid Bridge Milton to “move the needle.”

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