Our post-production department is a self-contained engine that seamlessly handles creative editorial, motion graphics, color and audio through complete post-management.

We are experienced in turning around a finished product on a tight deadline without compromising quality. Saving you time is our top priority, and we keep your project moving by understanding your goals, creative and technical specs.

Video Editing

Expertly telling your story

Video editing requires both artistic vision and technical expertise to craft a powerful narrative – a skill mastered by our editing team through decades of experience. We specialize in bringing your story to life by assembling your project from raw footage into a piece that communicates your message, evokes emotions and connects with your audience. You can also bring us your rough-cut sequences for polishing off. Our video editors can mimic editing styles or give you a fresh, creative take. With Vivid Bridge, you can always rest assured that your project files will be secure.

Animation/Motion Design

Cutting edge technology

Whether you want to enhance your video with dynamic motion graphics or produce a fully animated video, Vivid Bridge can develop animations from scratch and deploy our specialized network of motion designers to bring your vision to life. You can also hand us your existing graphics package, and we can update, evolve, and integrate it as needed. If you need additional development, we provide creative direction, scriptwriting, graphic design, video editing, animatics, sound design and voice over casting.

Sound Design

Full sensory experience

Detailed and nuanced sound design, mixing, and mastering are critical to creating an engaging and compelling viewer experience, supporting the visuals on screen and providing necessary subconscious cues. As a core part of Vivid Bridge’s post-production process or a la carte service, we bring a new depth to our projects with a soundscape that will give your video the punch it needs.

Color Grading & Correction

Creating continuity

Color grading and correction are also essential parts of the post-production process, and it can be too time-consuming and frustrating for novices. It’s nearly impossible to achieve a professional-looking video without color grading to balance the look between multiple cameras and takes. Our colorists will ensure continuity between each scene and apply their technical expertise in making each shot look its absolute best to your entire film.

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