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Creating a successful video is more than hiring a videographer to show up with a camera. It’s about finding an extension of your organization that can strategically develop a useful communication tool.

Even if you know you need a video but are unsure what type will work best, the Vivid Bridge Holistic Creative Process© will help define the most appropriate solution and take care of every tiny detail involved. The result – an amazing video that inspires actionable responses from viewers.

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Commercial video

Speak to your audience

Demand is increasing for video content from brands and businesses that people support. You deserve a seamless process for online or traditional commercial video production that delivers the content you need.

From the video treatment to the script to production logistics, Vivid Bridge offers the full range of services necessary to develop a highly targeted video that captures the right message so our clients can target the right audience, in the right place and at just the right moment. Our talented team taps into a broad range of experiences, from working with national brands to local non-profits, and backed by the Vivid Bridge Holistic Creative Process©.

Corporate video

Stand the test of time

A great video can mean the difference between stagnation and growth for your company. Corporate videos are used to communicate with prospective clients, inform employees or announce new products to the media. When considering that a well-planned corporate video is evergreen, engaging among your targeted audience, and sharable, it is an incredibly versatile and cost-effective marketing communication tool.

Live event video

Document the experience

From small corporate speaking engagements to multi-day conferences and conventions, event centers and business owners can rely on the simple, proven, and turn-key video packages Vivid Bridge provides. A full range of service options is available to document speakers’ presentations and guests’ experiences for archival purposes or to create cinematic highlight content for promotional purposes. Our team has drawn on decades of combined experience from events across the east coast to provide expert recommendations on what scale of crew and equipment is necessary based on your event’s specific needs.

Explainer video

Teach your audience

Explainer videos are short, viewer-friendly videos that are usually animated and highly effective when a complex idea must be translated concisely. Explainer videos educate but are successful at reducing support queries and increasing the efficacy of landing pages. They create a sense of trust and build rapport between you and your customers that even the best-written copy cannot establish. With the rise in popularity of whiteboard animation videos, explainer videos have evolved to include 2D animation, 3D animation, screencast videos, stop motion videos or motion graphic videos.

Brand Profile video

Define your purpose

A brand identity (or brand profile) video is an overview of the company, which showcases its culture and reflects its core values. They can include a brief company history and provide an outline of the company’s mission and vision. Brand videos paint a clear picture for the viewer of the organization’s purpose and unique selling proposition within the marketplace. Messages from company leadership and behind-the-scenes access that is typically not available to the public also add appeal and value to the communication.

Training and Educational

Educate and inspire

Whether your goal is educating on a particular subject or training on a process, product or service offering, video appeals to both visual and auditory learners. We can employ a variety of communication methods to cater to specific audiences depending on your objectives and even transcribe captions for your video to appeal to read-write learners. Visual techniques used in training and educational videos can create an engaging learning environment that breaks down complex topics, emphasizes key terms, and keeps your viewers tuned in.

Branded Video Content

Share your story

Branded video content connects with audiences on an authentic level and can range from funny to heartwarming to thought-provoking. They trigger an emotional response and compel the viewer to share on social platforms and other digital outlets. The most successful branded content videos are often story-driven and prioritize the narrative value and audience engagement over outright “selling” the brand. Vivid Bridge works closely with our clients with the “story first” approach in order for the brand payoff to follow suit.

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