BBBS | 2020 Gala

Postedin Company NewsonFebruary 12, 2020byVivid Bridge

Pictured above: Dustin Foster, Doug Stanford, Makenna Curtis, Christine York, Cheryl Murphy, Benjamin Murphy, Jon Deckert, Erica Dukes

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Building A Strong Community

Strong building blocks are the foundation of every vibrant community. Built on the pillars of mentorship, nurturing relationships, and long-lasting impact, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida is cemented in our community as a trusted defender of our children’s potential. The first building block was set when Benjamin Murphy, one of our founders became a “Big” and it’s awesome to see how it’s developed from there. From the beginning of Vivid Bridge, BBBS has stood out as one of the community pillars that we support as a whole. As a result, our two year partnership has put a cinematic spotlight on the match stories happening in our community. This year we celebrated round two with our team of 7, embodying the Havana Nights theme and sharing our best work with the Pensacola community at the 2020 Annual BBBS Gala. 

One of the central themes of this year’s video was focused on building blocks. Spending just five minutes with any of the matches, it’s easy to see the connection is just as crucial for the Big as it is for each Little. Each match is thoughtfully selected and paired with the intention of developing a strong bond. Often, these matches result in lifelong relationships! 

A Time to Celebrate!

As our team celebrated and danced together, we took time to reflect on the dedication and intentionality that we put into each interview and image. We were humbled by the response at the event, sharing success stories of the matches, and experiencing firsthand the importance of mentorship to our youth and community as a whole. Something that started as a spark of passion within one of our team members, transcended into a fire within all of us. BBBS holds a special place in our hearts and the Pensacola Community. It is such an honor to work alongside these warriors with a heart for building a better, more resilient future for the youth. 

Pictured above: Javon & Michael 

As a group of creatives with the passion for changing lives, we stand by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida and their mission for defending potential. We are honored to represent their vision and continue communicating that through cinematic video storytelling. 

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida either through volunteering your time or donations, check out their website here to get connected with their team. If you feel the draw to mentorship, or know someone who does – this organization is a great place to start.