Recognized and Awarded

Postedin Company NewsonNovember 16, 2022byVivid Bridge

As Entrecon 2022 begins this week, we are thrilled to share that our team was awarded Micro-Business of the Year!

What does it take to be selected as Micro-Business of the Year?

According to Studer Community Institute, this award is open to businesses with less than ten employees who operate efficiently with a small team while positively impacting the local economy. Businesses considered for this award can clearly explain what makes their product or service unique, how they measure success, and what opportunities they provide their employees.

How does all of that translate to us?

Well, for starters, we view the responsibility with clarity. We all want to be seen. As entrepreneurs, our team approaches each day with a purpose-driven mission to create video marketing content for our clients that creates an emotional connection and helps their customers see them how they want to be seen—as compassionate and passionate about what they do—seen as human. Being awarded Micro-Business of the Year is an excellent reminder from someone outside our team or clients that we’re on the right track in our entrepreneurship journey and a contributing member of our local Pensacola community.

Giving a hand to our fellow Pensacola award winners

When we learned from Studer Community Institute that we were selected as Micro-Business of the Year, the email requested we submit a video to play while we walked on stage to receive the award. We knew it was an opportunity to create something fun and different. After a bit of creative brainstorming and a running theme of wanting to show our gratitude for being recognized and selected along with many notable businesses within the Pensacola community, we had our concept. We wanted to give our fellow winners a hand, so we created hand puppets!

Leading up to showtime, we weren’t sure how the awards audience would react. Would they think it was weird? Hopefully, they’d see the humor in it! Jon Deckert, our Community Enrichment Director, felt equally nervous and excited. Our Senior Cinematographer, Doug Stanford, reassured Jon that was the sign that we were on track to creating something memorable. Thankfully, Doug was right! We hope you enjoy watching the video, and if you want to make something unique for your marketing strategy (with or without hand puppets!), we’d love to chat with you as the new year approaches.