Doug Stanford

Strategic Operations Director

Hometown Williamsburg, VA
Employment HistoryHasn't had a real job since 2009
Has Strong Opinions On Which are the best seasons of The Simpsons, The Office, and Twin Peaks

Leveraging nearly two decades of experience working in a wide variety of video production businesses, Doug Stanford has built an exceptional portfolio of commercial cinematography on a foundation of in-depth knowledge in operational logistics for complex productions. Under his direction, the operations department of Vivid Bridge Studios has continually set the standard of cinematography along the Gulf Coast. Through collaboration and efficient management practices, Doug has led the charge in production design innovation and made unprecedented strides in workforce development. Doug’s passion for creating industry-leading work and providing career pathways for others has made his position as Strategic Operations Director at Vivid Bridge the role he’s sought since beginning his first job as Production Assistant.

Before co-founding Vivid Bridge, Doug achieved a few notable accomplishments, including being amongst the youngest Creative Directors in the history of Gray Television while serving as the founding CD at Winchester, Virginia’s debut ABC affiliate, WHSV, at 23 years old in 2006.  While local broadcast provided a strong foundation of production and client relationship management, he transitioned into independent production housework at DIGICO Shoot | Post | Design in 2010. There, Doug worked with major brands including Rosetta Stone, TREX, Travel Channel, James Madison University as well as many others. Leaving DIGICO to work on the 2014 midterm political season at Meangreen Media in Georgetown allowed Doug to learn the expectations and pace that political advertising and major metro area clients demand of creatives as he served as an editor, colorist, motion designer, and senior audio engineer.

In the first half of his career, Doug’s work laid the foundation for his leap to fully independent freelance work in 2015, operating as a production designer, post-production specialist and cinematographer. This new venture allowed him to work with a wide range of clients, including CNN International, Andrews Institute and many others. The transition also brought with it a change of scenery as he relocated from our nation’s capital to the beautiful beaches of Pensacola. Integrating into a new city included extensive outreach to agencies, production houses, and the production community already developing in the region, leading to the formation of Vivid Bridge Studios.

A lifelong Duke, Doug has enjoyed following the stories of his fellow James Madison University alumni as he found his unique path through his career. While working long hours on set can be challenging for a father of two, Doug has found a comfortable balance of family and professional growth that makes each new step forward as personally rewarding as it is professionally fulfilling. He spends his spare time enjoying movies, T.V., cooking and occasionally playing guitar.