What is a Waymaker?

Posted in education on August 13, 2021 by
Jon Deckert


Way·mak·r | weɪmeɪkə | Middle English | noun.

Those who enthusiastically guide brands on digital marketing explorations using creative paths and reliable checkpoints leading to the summit of success and beyond.

How our Waymakers can help you

Being a Waymaker means taking the lead with our clients to reach not just what they want or are inspired by but also what they need to reach their next marketing milestone.

Walking alongside our clients through the journey of content creation and video marketing while providing insights and expertise we’ve gained through our years of experience and growing.

Advising businesses towards results with meaningful impact, not just output. Together, we are guiding brands to the summit of success.

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We’re Waymakers because

Cheryl is a Waymaker because she’s passionate about coaching others from one step ahead of where they are using what they already have within.

Christine is a Waymaker because she is motivated by the transformative impact of using creativity to build connections and shape communities.

Doug is a Waymaker because he is driven to amplify the success of others through the creative use of digital technology platforms.

Erica is a Waymaker because she is enthusiastic about navigating complex challenges and seeing opportunities where others see obstacles.

Benjamin is a Waymaker because he’s focused on routing the most effective and efficient course that leads others down the path to success.

Jon is a Waymaker because he is committed to empowering others through accessible educational opportunities and resources.

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Questions? Want to Learn More?

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