What is Video Marketing?

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Video marketing is the use of videos to promote a company’s products and services. It’s one of the most effective ways to promote a business. It has been established that when sounds and images are employed to convey information, they create a more lasting effect on individuals, so imagine the massive impact on customers when sounds and pictures are merged in a video, together with an outstanding storyline and performance.

More companies are turning to videos to sell their products and services, and the majority of them are pleased with the outcomes. It has also been proven that individuals spend more time viewing videos than reading texts and they like the former far more, making videos the best technique for capturing your customers’ attention. This rising demand for videos means that video production companies like Vivid Bridge Studios now have a much bigger role to play in brand marketing.

History of Video Marketing

Video marketing has been around for decades. This strategy was first employed in 1941 when a company that sold watches, ran an advert on a TV station during a baseball game involving the New York Yankees.

Scope of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a wide spectrum, ranging from a simple video made by a smartphone, to a very sophisticated advert produced with thousands of dollars. Publicizing your brand could be as simple as a high school kid sharing a self-made video of a service they offer, to as complex as a multinational company running a commercial during the super bowl. There are also various forms these videos take. Here are some of the types of videos used in marketing.

1) Brand Identity Videos:

One of the first steps in establishing trust with consumers is to open up to them and provide them with some information about your company. This can be accomplished by telling stories about your brand’s origins as well as its key principles. You have the opportunity to develop a relationship with customers with this type of video,and because people are more likely to link themselves with brands that share similar values, brand identity videos that convey your story well are a wonderful approach to win loyal customers.

The good news is that Vivid Bridge Studios creatives are experts at creating engaging content to help you get your message across in the most engaging way possible.

2) Customer Testimonial Videos:

Video marketing aims to raise brand awareness, and what better way to get people interested in your products and services than to have others who share your interests recommend you? Yes, exactly. Getting other customers to give candid but favorable assessments of your goods and services on camera is perhaps the simplest way to persuade new potential buyers, as it removes their first reservations. The nicest aspect of customer testimonial films is how simple and cost-effective they can be because many happy customers would be willing to make a video to give a positive evaluation, whether at home or in a studio.

3) Customer Education Videos:

The creation of products and rendering services are only two out of a wide range of options to provide value to customers. One other method of giving them such value is through the provision of useful information to help them solve problems they could have.

This could be in the form of videos educating them on topics related to the products and services offered by your brand. It could also come as tutorial videos to provide answers to their questions on aspects related to your products and services. The beauty of this is that in doing all of this, you also make them aware of their unmet needs, and the roles your products and services could play in helping them satisfy those needs, thereby inadvertently driving them to patronize your brand.

4) Product Promotion Videos:

Just as the name implies, this type of video is your go-to option if you wish to sell a product or service to your customers. These videos are usually short and are used to convince people to patronize brands for specific products and services. To get the maximum effect from such videos, the message has to be concise yet easy to understand. It also has to be captivating and entertaining, leaving a mark on whoever gets to view them.

Now you have a pretty interesting video, a product or service, and a viewer who might need this product or service. When you put all of this together, what you get is a newly convinced customer for your brand.

5) Product Demonstration Videos:

What’s more effective than a product promotion video? It’s a video that shows off the capabilities of these products. This is essentially identical to what you have in the product promotion, however, it is far more practical and persuasive. Most consumers would welcome a free trial of things they intend to buy, and videos like this get the closest to such trials.

If consumers have any reservations after seeing a video describing a product, a demonstration should dispel them.

6) Behind-the-Scenes Videos:

To assist your client interact with your brand, these videos combine video snippets displaying various activities going place at your firm. This frequently takes the shape of casual interviews with firm personnel, as well as random clips of employees on regular work days. Having access to such unique clips provides customers with a sense of connection to the brand, which might help you win them over. One thing is certain: clients that sense a stronger connection to your brand are more likely to desire to use your products and services.

Steps Involved in the Process of Video Marketing

Excluding video testimonials made by other customers in their homes, these are the steps involved in pretty much every marketing video.

1) Identifying the Target Audience:

This involves finding the group of people who may need your products and services and understanding their thought processes and their wants. Knowing your target audience also gives you an idea about the most appropriate type of video to make, and helps you determine the best routes to get your products and services across to them. In truth, identifying your target audience and tailoring your videos specifically to suit them helps increase patronage.

2) Building a Digital Marketing Plan:

This step involves drawing up a plan for the production of the video, as well as everything else that happens after production, and we mean everything. This includes the goals of the project, the type of video to be created, the equipment to be used, how much would be spent, the people to be involved, and the platforms on which the video would be published, everything is determined in this stage.

3) Production of Script-to-Screen Videos:

After you’ve created a clear plan and put everything in place, the next step is to start executing it, which begins with writing a good script and bringing it to life with the help of a high-quality video shot by a company like Vivid Bridge Studios.

Because the video is ultimately the tool used to appeal to clients, making a great video is maybe the single most important step in the video marketing process. The quality and content of the video are crucial factors in determining client loyalty, as videos with higher quality and more engaging and intriguing content are more likely to pique viewers’ interest and inspire them to learn more about your company.

4) Publishing the Videos:

Is it worth it to go through all the trouble of planning and filming a video only to have it languish in the archives? The ultimate goal of marketing is to get your video in front of your target audience. Getting your message over to your audience used to be much more difficult, but with the introduction of the internet and social media, it’s now a lot easier, and the new concern is getting it on the correct platform. The good thing is that working with a video production company like Vivid Bridge Studios also gives you access to their expertise in working on similar projects, helping you get your videos on all the right platforms

5) Analysis of the Video Metrics:

The appraisal is an important aspect of every project once it is completed. The statistics of your video can be used to determine how well it is performing. The number of times it was watched, liked, or shared, as well as other interactions, are just a few of these statistics.

Having a thorough knowledge of these indicators can help you assess if you met the goals you set and discover areas where you can improve in the future.

At Vivid Bridge Studios, we’re experts in using video marketing to assist our clients to advance their brands. Our video marketing services cover every step of the process, and we’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you.

Whether you have an in-house marketing department or not, entrusting your brand to us ensures that you will receive the highest quality services, as we have a track record of connecting companies with their target markets and expanding their reach.

Your brand is eagerly awaited around the globe. So get in touch with Vivid Bridge Studios and let us assist you to get to where you want to be.