Building Awareness Using Video Marketing

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Video content is one of the media that most businesses use most. It is more entertaining, educational, and popular with customers than other forms of media. Visuals have consistently been an effective approach to communicate your thoughts. If a picture or an image speaks a thousand words, just think of the impact that a video may have on your potential customers.

The first step to expanding your consumer base and sales is raising brand recognition. Video can aid in this. Not only an effective marketing tool, but video is a remarkable result indicator. An effective video marketing approach is based on thorough research. For years, people have been predicting that video would revolutionize marketing, and now that time has come. 

There are many ways to use video to create and raise brand awareness, and doing them all at once is optimum. Things to consider when creating a video are:

Know Your Target Audience

Your prospective audience or customers should be your first consideration when making a video to promote your brand. Don’t forget that you are creating your video to entice the audience. What do they have an interest in? Which language do they speak? What kind of graphics will they find compelling? To showcase your company’s high-level vision, goal, or products and services, engaging videos should be developed as a part of a wider campaign. You can produce interesting films with shorter forms that move your viewers to laugh, feel enthused, or act.

Creating sales strategy is a great way to understand your audience better. Customer interactions are three-dimensional representations of your ideal customers that are based on current or recent market research. You give your ideal customers more life by crafting backstories for them. This encourages the making of videos that will be enticing and appealing to your audience.

Be Original

On YouTube alone, 1 billion hours of content are seen every day. There is fierce rivalry. Making your video unique is crucial since it will draw viewers in and encourage sharing. When it comes to product awareness, being unique is crucial since you need to stand out. Only you know what will make you unique in your industry. Simply observe what others are doing, then make improvements to it.

Choosing Your Video Style

The objectives of your video marketing plan will have a big impact on how you choose your video style. A Whiteboard Animation Explainer, for instance, would be effective if you wanted to explain sophisticated IT software to potential customers. You can choose a corporate video if you want to highlight the individual personalities that make up your business. In any case, strive to swiftly grab the audience’s attention. The majority of video marketers agree that the opening five seconds are crucial for grabbing viewers’ attention. Stick to the style that best suits your brand.

Be Concise

Not everyone has the luxury of time. Most of your prospective clients are busy! Nobody has more than a few minutes to spend learning about your brand in our fast-paced environment. Because of the recent rise of technology, people’s attention spans are shorter and they need rapid satisfaction. In actuality, 17% of viewers abandon content that doesn’t “catch and keep” their interest.

In addition, it’s very important that you get straight to the point. You should highlight a few important facts about your company in your video to give a clear and succinct message—three or four should be more than enough. By doing this, you avoid overwhelming the viewer and encourage them to watch your video all the way through so they can notice the crucial call to action.

Add Customers’ Reviews and Testimonials

Create customer testimonials if you want to use video content to advertise your goods or services. If you have anticipating customers who are always giving you praises, or even other sector consultants who would be excited to give your business a testimonial, then these topnotch additions to your overall video content strategy.

What customer testimonials do is that, it shows proof of demand, which is a valuable type of social proof showing clients that you have are happy and satisfied customers. Testimonials and reviews are absolutely important when selling your product.  Recent survey shows nearly 70 percent of online consumers check out a product review before buying. For this reason, even something straightforward like filming a video with your customers in-store and asking them about their favourite items or opinions, then combining the outcome into one video, can work effectively

Alternatively, you may provide discounts and prizes to entice people to send you video reviews. In the end, all your potential customers care about is whether your brand can fix their particular concern. A competition and trivia can also be held on social media. The easiest way to demonstrate this is by producing descriptive survey videos that highlight your pleased, devoted clients. These are your strongest supporters.

Promote It!

Digital platforms are numerous! You must advertise and promote on as many platforms as you can if you want to be sure that your ideal clients see you. Social Media is one such outlet (YouTube, Email, LinkedIn etc). More platforms are always better.

Track and Automate

Make sure to provide contact details or a message at the end of your video. You want your audience to continue taking the intended step. Don’t merely offer to fix their issues and walk away. From the dashboard of your video hosting service, you can monitor the inbound links that your video generates to your website, gauge the popularity of your video on social media, and assess how well it is doing overall.

On most websites that host videos, an analytics page is available for viewing. Once a customer has purchased your goods or service, keep them interested using FAQ and procedure videos. To make your audience feel involved, educate them and establish your competence on the issue.

Showing Your Products in Action

Helping people imagine how their lives would be with your product is one of the best things you can do to improve the success of your videos. A landing page or item description can benefit visually from showing consumers a sneak look at your product. If you showcase your brand or product, viewers will find your video more interesting to watch. The video is useful because it shows how the product works and what to expect in reality.

Flexibility (for Various Devices)

You must take into account the platforms on which viewers will view your video. Around 50% of all web traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices, and that percentage may rise over time. Your video material should be planned, tested, and analyzed for various channels. 

You must first check that your video player is dynamic and that your video will automatically resize to match the screen it is being viewed on before you can optimize it for various devices. Usually, you can accomplish this from the dashboard of your video player. The mobile user should then be taken into consideration while you create your video content.

Types of Video for Increasing Brand Awareness

Depending on your goals, there are 3 types of videos you may make to utilize and promote your company and brand:

Explainer Video

People can better comprehend your product, service, or vision by watching an explainer video. They typically last 1-2 minutes, highlight your brand’s core ideas, and entice viewers to learn more. Telling a story is usually a smart idea when making an explainer video. Stories have the power to emotionally connect with people, which will increase their affinity for your company and their propensity to share your video with others.


You have a unique opportunity to raise brand recognition with pre-roll videos. These quick advertisements, which last no longer than 15 to 30 seconds, are shown before pertinent internet videos. Pre-roll clips provide you the chance to briefly capture the interest of your potential clients and arouse their curiosity. A clickable call to action should be included at the conclusion so that readers may learn more about your brand.

Video Blog (Vlog)

You may effectively raise brand recognition by producing keyword-optimized video blogs, generally referred to as vlogs. To do this, you must decide on a subject that your prospective clients are interested in learning the solution to. After that, you record one of your team members responding to the request and upload the video to YouTube with a title that is optimized for keywords. Being active on YouTube, which is the second most popular website on the internet, will help you build brand awareness over time.

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