Tips for a Clean & Healthy Production Set

Posted in Company News on May 4, 2020 by
Cheryl Murphy

It’s safe to say the video production industry is hands-on. When hands are gripping production equipment, handling cameras, and moving hair out of the talent’s eyes, personal bubbles may not apply when it comes to a good shot. Our team has been strategizing through our plan of action for keeping the production set “spik and span” to keep both our clients and crew members safe. 


In one of our COVID[EO] Call-In Shows, we heard it called the CPO, Chief Paranoia Officer: a crew member dedicated to carrying around the tape measure, enforcing physical distance, sanitizing and maintaining the premium level of caution on set. 


Not a bad idea, right? 


In order for our team to feel confident and guarantee the safety of both crew members and talent, we’re keeping a close eye on the latest COVID developments and following guidelines outlined by our friends at Film Florida. They’ve put together an incredible resource full of information to keep cast and crew members safe during production. 


It is crucial that we stay adaptable to the ever-changing nature that this pandemic has caused not only to our industry, but the entire world. Bonnie King, President of Film Florida said: “While these recommendations are not mandates and clean and healthy precautions are certainly not limited to the suggestions we have put out, we wanted to give people a solid starting point when production resumes in Florida. This document will continue to evolve as additional input is received and further guidance comes in from local, state and federal officials”


Click here to download the comprehensive guide! 

Key takeaways: 

  • Leading up to production, check in with cast and crew on their health, and if they’ve been exposed to illness recently.
  • Utilize appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including gloves, goggles, face shields, masks that cover the nose and mouth, finger cots. 
  • Minimize the number of people handling equipment and disinfect before and after use.
  • Utilize outdoor areas as much as possible and maintain a 6-foot distance between people.
  • Anticipate inefficiencies due to new procedures and adapt scheduling.


Now more than ever before we are feeling challenged to embrace change, and work with it, not against it. Content is king in the digital world today, and we are not going to let COVID-19 get in the way of that. It is our main priority to provide resources for video success, support for productions, and ensure safe work environments.


In other words, “the show must go on!” 


As we continue to develop educational content for, we’re also gearing up and ready to roll for our next production. Honoring our holistic approach, we want to empower our community and clients to ask questions, feel prepared, and share the same excitement we have about getting back to doing the work we love! 


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You may also find more information about Film Florida by visiting their website. They serve as a leader in Florida’s film, TV, production, and digital media/tech industry by representing all aspects of the business including film commissions, industry, labor, associations, and education. 


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Sourced by: Film Florida