The Importance of Education

Posted in Company News on March 11, 2019 by
Cheryl Murphy

When Vivid Bridge Studios came together back in late 2017, we wanted to ensure that the company was built on a strong, purpose driven foundation. When thinking of the elements needed for the VBS vision to emulate the ultimate level of success, we considered the value of the mentorship and various types of education that went into getting us to where we are today. Education comes in all shapes and sizes, may it be a degree or certification, or experience obtained through “on the job” involvement. Here at Vivid Bridge Studios, we value the variety of our educational backgrounds and unique experience levels from which we all came from. It makes our company diverse and operate more effectively in this complex, creative industry.

One of the major facets of the education branch here at Vivid Bridge Studios is the internship program, directed by our fearless Education Director, Mr. Jon Deckert. He carries a background in education and passion for delivering knowledge to the young minds, which is a major need in our community in order to retain the exceptional talent we have in Pensacola. By making an effort to help students succeed in the real world workplace, Jon found it essential that we offer an industry specific program to the local universities here in Pensacola. This program started as a single student helping in all areas of the company that has since blossomed into a group of 5 students, eager to learn the art of the production industry. The program has been developed around a curriculum that encourages the students to choose a direction of focus and orient their goals around related projects throughout the semester. The final result of their hard work leaves them with a final video project to be presented as their capstone towards the end of their time at VBS. Not only are the students gaining real industry experience, working on production sets, writing pitches for said video projects, and creating content of all kinds; it gives them a sense of ownership for the work they produce and apply to their portfolios for their future. You can find out more about how to get involved with the program by reaching out to Jon directly for more information.

Education Director:

In addition to the team of students we shepherd in house, we also foster creative workshops and seminars to educate the community on different elements of the industry. There is no better way to build a strong creative community than to get groups of industry related professionals together, or those eager to learn, to share ideas and pull together resources to make all of us stronger. Granted we have hosted a few outside of CO:Lab Pensacola since our launch as a company, we will officially be hosting quarterly seminars at our home office in Downtown Pensacola starting 2019. The first of these seminars is happening on March 20th, named The Craft of Consistency, where our guests will be educated on how to weave elements of consistency into their business or personal brand. You can email for more information or join the biweekly newsletter for release of the future events!

Maintaining a pillar of education within our company does not mean we have it all figured out and know everything there is to know about the film and video industry. Heck! We will take all the help we can get in every area of the business in order to become better functioning individuals and teammates. Therefore we find it vastly important that we spread out among the community and absorb all that we can from workshops, seminars, and conferences that are held by leading professionals and educators in our area. We take the time to research what will benefit the company and our own personal development, and then make it a point to get out of the office to learn more! One of our great friends and astounding resources to the community is the Studer Community Institute, who are always putting on useful workshops/seminars to build Pensacola into a better place to live and work. Pensacola keeps continuing to amaze us, and the amount of talent and development that is happening here. As a company that aims to make the world a better place, we will do all that we can to contribute to that growth and encourage education in all areas of our work! 

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