The Craft of Consistency

Posted in Company News on February 25, 2019 by
Cheryl Murphy

Whether you are the next big star on YouTube, or you are a lead professional in your industry – It is highly likely that you are trying to communicate effective messages to your consumers. With the rise of the “Digital Age”, video has become one of the most efficient and affordable ways to communicate messages to the masses.

Here at Vivid Bridge Studios, we invest all of our time and energy into the intentional craftsmanship that goes into creating high quality, effective video communication. Period. It may help that we have loud flares of creativity and an endless supply of coffee on tap at all times, but our sole purpose is to live out our mission and make the world a better place through the cinematic work we produce. In addition to our overall mission, we value the necessity for education and filling the gap between “The Need” and question of  “How do we get there?”.

This led to the development of our very first studio seminar – The Craft of Consistency – to be held this upcoming March 20th here at the Co:Lab located in Downtown Pensacola. This brain child came from the idea of connecting with our community, sharing our resources, and guiding the hungry communicators in our area in the right direction. As mentioned above, this workshop is not only for the professionals or businesses seeking to use video in their massive marketing plans for the year. If you are an avid YouTuber, if you have a message to share, or maybe you are trying to influence others to wear the make-up you sell..

If you are trying to understand how to effectively communicate in the “Digital Age”, this workshop is for you.

What will it cover? 

  • Building Your Brand.
  • The Frequency and Power of Posting.
  • Understanding Quality Video.

The overall goal of this seminar is to dive into these elements & give our special guest a chance to challenge you to think about – What efforts are you making towards these topics? How can you do it better? & Why it is important to understand that video can be useful for EVERYONE.

We have come up with a short survey to gain better insight on how we can streamline the content to be more direct to you. Maybe you aren’t able to make it to the seminar this month, and that is okay. You are welcome to fill out the survey here, and we are happy to set up a time to chat more about ways that video can better your communication in today’s constant evolving world. This event is the first of many. The first of the movement towards a better world, a stronger creative community, and a clearer way to communicate. Our team is honored to host you in our Co:Lab home and share a meal with you – talking about what we love the most!

Sign up & Join the waitlist here.