Lights, camera, disinfect!

Posted in Company News on August 14, 2020 by
Cheryl Murphy

What is a “Safe Set” & Why does it matter to me? 

Have you ever felt unsafe on a video production set? Like, crew dropping expensive lights or talent tripping over wires? It’s no fun and makes you feel on “edge”! Our hope is that you HAVE NEVER experienced this. It’s our promise that YOU will always feel safe on set with Vivid Bridge!

COVID-19 has been a safety wake-up call for so many industries, video production included. The importance of having a safe set has always been, and always will be a priority for our clients, talent, and crew. Before COVD-19 came through, we underestimated just how safe and efficient we could be with our production sets.

Our team has taken strides to adapt to COVID-19 to make sure you know what to expect for these new standards. We are following the proper PPE requirements, utilizing regular set sanitation measures, and including designated crew members to encourage and support safe set practices. 

So Fresh & So Clean

So, how can you keep a production set clean AND reduce risk?

  • Require masks to all, excluding on-camera talent while filming. 
  • Enforce social distancing of 6 ft, where possible.
  • Address Makeup & Hairstyling upon need; encourage talent to provide their own.
  • Provide hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, and gloves and keep them readily available. 
  • Include Set Safety crew members on set to focus on safety and guide the production to ensure all policies are followed.

BTS set photo ft. Sia Cooper, Diary of A Fit Mommy

No Better Time Than Now! 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have committed ourselves to prepare each set with more intention and foster a culture that encourages the discovery of new efficiencies that optimize your experience and minimize risk! No one says it better than John Maxwell,

“A difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose, a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve.”

In adopting the additional precautions needed for the new normal, we are going to make the best of these days. It wouldn’t be a Vivid experience if we didn’t!  While COVID19’s been taking the spotlight, our crew has continued to capture bold footage and bring good times just like before.

Our hearts are heavy for those who have been affected by this global pandemic and we stand with you. In a time where “distancing” has been a common theme – The ability to “connect” back with purpose has also been trending. Whether it’s the purpose behind your business, improving health, or dedicating yourself to quality time with family; we are seeing people adapt to accommodate the future. 

It’s important to us to stand supportive as a video production agency, keep the camera rolling on stories that connect community, and encourage the impactful voices that need to be heard. We’ll continue to serve that purpose and serve our community, as safely as possible.