How to Make a Business Video!

Postedin Video ProductiononOctober 21, 2019byCheryl Murphy

Deciding you need a business video is one thing—producing it is much easier said than done. Unfortunately, you can’t snap your fingers and instantly have an amazing business video that will help grow your company. Making a company video is more complex than you might think, but with a full-service production company like Vivid Bridge on your side, it can be done efficiently and effectively.

First thing’s first—make a plan

Before the cameras roll, it’s essential to develop a thorough and detailed production plan. Even though you’ve got an excellent idea for your video and are eager to get started reaping the benefits of video marketing, you’ll save time and money by brainstorming, making a production plan, and writing a killer script. Your initial conversations should focus on defining your audience. Who are you targeting? What’s your message? Have you done market research? What is it you want viewers to do after they watch your video? Determining your call-to-action is among your most important decisions to make, as ultimately the primary goal of your video is to inspire viewers to buy your product, visit your website or utilize your services.

Tell a story and showcase your personality

After you determine the underlying goals for your company video, it’s time to conceptualize your story, decide on a setting, consider your on-screen talent, and finalize the script. Details like these can make the difference between your video looking professional or amateur. A skilled scriptwriter will ensure your message is communicated concisely; your location will set the tone; your on-screen talent will keep viewers’ attention. Each aspect will need to be pulled together at a time that provides for successful filming and the ability to stay on a timeline, allowing for editing and any potential re-shooting.

We work hard to showcase brand personalities in our corporate video productions. Video is different from any other marketing medium because it creates emotional connections among viewers. People are much more likely to watch a video than read a story, but you’ll want to keep them guessing. Storytelling is an art, but there’s also a lot of science behind it. We’ll make sure your story includes all the essential elements to keep viewers glued until the last moment and talking about it with their friends and family afterward.

Put it to work for your company

Ultimately, you want your video to turn a profit for your company. Planning and producing the video are just two aspects of making a business video—a third and essential aspect is getting your video in front of its intended audience. Your video needs a catchy title, an intriguing thumbnail image, and an interesting written description. Next, it needs to be housed on your website and social media channels (if it’s an externally facing video) or distributed among the appropriate employees (if it’s an internal video, such as a training video). Hopefully, your video’s call-to-action will be effective and drive a measurable return on investment.

Let’s get started

Learning how to make a business video doesn’t have to be hard. Vivid Bridge is a leading expert in providing video solutions to clients, including animated or live-action corporate videos. Our artists are creative and our scriptwriters are among the best in the business. Vivid Bridge is different from other video production companies in that we are also marketing experts who can help develop your video marketing strategy and optimize it for success. We know what questions to ask to help determine the best type of corporate video for your needs, and we stay with you every step of the way—from strategizing to putting the final touches on your production.

We look forward to using our holistic creative approach to develop a customized solution to grow your business through innovative business videos. Now, instead of scratching your head over how to make a business video, let’s get to work!