From SOP’s to Zoom Conversations: How to Gather Information for Your Association’s Educational Video Content

Postedin Quick TipsonMarch 27, 2023byCheryl Murphy

Professional associations are a crucial resource for industry professionals, relying extensively on subject matter experts’ expertise to aid in their members’ professional development. In a recent blog post, we highlighted the multiple revenue-generating advantages. However, one valuable tool that is often overlooked is video content. Incorporating high-quality video content into your organization’s offerings can further engage your members and enhance their learning experience.

In this blog, we share 5 simple ways to gather information for educational video courses.

Vivid Bridge Studios has produced a diverse range of instructional courses for different organizations and associations in the last few years, and it’s allowed us to observe and practice these techniques firsthand. These are tried and true methods to go from an idea to a full curriculum of instructional content to provide and market to your members and the industry.

  1. SOPs: Numerous firms commonly document their standard operating procedures, which can serve as a valuable source of knowledge that can be combined into sections and transformed into scripts. Even if you don’t have enough SOPs to create a whole course, they can still offer a considerable amount of information and structure for your overall course.
  2.  Webinars you’ve hosted: If you’ve already been training your membership in one-off webinars that may bring micro hits of education for members and revenue, they also can provide a structured collection of information perfect for incorporating into your course. If you haven’t already, record your next webinar, use a transcription service like, and consider how the material might fit into the more extensive course you’re developing.
  3.  Live certification training: Any time you’re training your membership or your members are training their teams is an opportunity to capture that information for a course curriculum. Begin filming these, even with a phone, since visual quality isn’t important during this stage of development and, like a webinar, have it transcribed by a service like
  4.  PowerPoint presentation files. Every good training, in person or via webinar, comes with a PowerPoint presentation – everyone’s favorite part! No matter your personal preferences on the slide decks that have become a mainstay of professional communication, they are valuable goldmines of written material to be adapted into a course. Collect all the relevant presentations to your subject matter and compile the speaker notes and slide bullet points into a new text document to pair with the original presentation.
  5.  Zoom conversations: Conducting Zoom conversations with subject matter experts can be a valuable way to gather information quickly. Whether creating new content or supplementing existing material, you can arrange a 30 to 60-minute meeting with an expert in your organization, record the conversation using Zoom’s built-in feature, and transcribe the recording with a service like, and this allows you to ask questions for clarification and obtain a wealth of knowledge.

After utilizing the methods mentioned above to gather information, you will likely discover that you have a surplus of data to create a valuable and marketable educational course for your existing and potential members. Your following action should be to organize the gathered data into chapters and sub-chapters for easy comprehension and identification of video structures. If budget is a priority, it is advisable to have a well-structured format before hiring a production partner to reduce pre-production hours and data organization costs. If time is a priority, find a partner who can take all that content and organize it for you. Find a partner who shares your values, has an impressive portfolio that inspires you, and can adapt varied content into a finished product to generate passive income for your organization.

Did you know that Vivid Bridge can do those things? What are you waiting for? Reach out to Vivid Bridge Studios for a content evaluation today and see what’s possible for your association!