The Value of Investing in Team Photos and Videos

Posted in Company News on July 1, 2021 by
Jon Deckert

The Benefits of Investing in Your Team

There’s a great benefit in investing in professional team photos and videos for your company. The most obvious benefit being a consistent look for your team with flattering lighting, confident posing, and matching backgrounds. More than that, it’s worth investing this year in team photos and videos because, according to Inc, Linkedin profiles with professional headshots are 14x more likely to get views than profiles without them.

Here are some additional reasons to invest in professional team photos and videos:

  • Amplify your team’s credibility and personalities
  • Boost the presence of your brand
  • Set the tone on your website and social media channels
  • Increase team camaraderie after the last year of working remotely

This helped us with all of the above reasons and showed us how much difference comes with hiring the right photographer for your business headshots. We felt comfortable in front of the camera, our personalities shined through, and the results made all the difference in our digital presence.

Wondering what team videos can look like for your website? Check out our meet the team pages to see what we created for ourselves, or contact us to learn what we can create for your team!

Choosing a Professional Photo Studio

When we decided last year to revitalize our website, we knew it had to include updated photos and videos of our team. After some research and brainstorming, we knew that the Wave Photo team would be a great fit for our updated headshots, fun video-based headshots, and some video banners to round out the content on the new website. The planning and scheduling process went smoothly, and our interactions kept our collaborative creativity riding high! New content that would showcase our personalities, interests, and the evolution of our brand over the last three and a half years.

Capturing our Best Sides

Our expressions speak for themselves! From barking to get the proper poses with our pets to allowing Doug to bring in a gas stove to illustrate his love of cooking, Aislinn Kate embraced our ideas and took them to places that empowered our team to share our best faces showcase what makes each of us stand out. Their selection of backdrops allowed us to embrace our brand colors and make our new business headshots feel cohesive with the rest of our latest content.

Helping Hands and Adding Motion

Here’s Erica’s video profile. You can find this one and more in context by visiting our about pages.

Our day at Wave Photo didn’t stop with eye-catching new business headshots. In between each headshot session, we set up scenes for video profiles like the one above to add some fun and personality to our new about pages. We love how these pages turned out because you can learn more about us professionally and some of our hobbies, interests, and even which one of us enjoys dancing down the aisles of Target in their free time. These video profiles provide an extra layer of motion and playfulness that brings the whole about page together. What do you think of the new pages? We’d love your feedback!

As you explore the new website, you’ll notice some video banners featuring the hands of all of our team members. These are our way of showing the importance of collaboration within our team and working with our clients. We find ways to get creative and have some laughs, but we work hard at the end of the day and create compelling content. Content that not just creates attention but moves the needle and helps move business goals and milestones forward.

Feel inspired to take your team content to the next level? We would be happy to turn your team portraits into videos that create a connection with your customers! Let’s chat today!

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